NEXTflex™ Small RNA Sequencing Kit v3

PerkinElmerSKU: NOVA-5132-06

Title: 48 rxn


Comprehensive kit, including index primers and size selection beads for construction of small RNA-seq libraries for Illumina® sequencing.


Small RNA sequencing is a powerful tool to profile small RNAs from total or miRNA-enriched RNA samples for applications such as exploratory miRNA discovery for various disease states, sample types, and low-input samples. The NEXTFLEX® Small RNA-Seq Kit v3 is a library prep kit incorporating patented and patent-pending solutions to mitigate ligation bias and accommodate sample inputs as low as 1 ng. Libraries constructed using this kit can be run on any Illumina® sequencing platform.



  • Ligation bias mitigation
  • Low input down to 1 ng
  • Automation kit available


The shelf life of all reagents is 6 months when stored properly. All components can safely be stored at -20°C, except: Adapter Depletion Solution, Resuspension Buffer, and Nuclease-free Water, which can be stored at room temperature, and the NEXTFLEX® Cleanup Beads, which should be stored at 4°C. The NEXTFLEX® Cleanup Beads ships at room temperature, while other components ship on dry ice.



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