NEXTflex™ DNA Barcode Blockers - 24

PerkinElmerSKU: NOVA-514133



  • 96 barcode blockers available
  • Index-specific blocking oligos result in a higher % of on-target reads
  • Compatible with NEXTFLEX-96 DNA Barcodes
  • Validated in combination with Roche NimbleGen® SeqCap® EZ library and Agilent® SureSelectXT2® target capture kits for Illumina® sequencing
  • Simplifies and reduces the cost of target capture


One Set of Blockers, Two Solutions

The NEXTFLEX-96 DNA Barcode Blockers are designed for use with the NEXTFLEX-96 DNA Barcodes. Both the barcodes and blockers are compatible with Roche NimbleGen® SeqCap® EZ library and Agilent® SureSelectXT2 target capture systems. Other solution-based hybridization systems are also compatible, yielding varying numbers of reactions per kit. The NEXTFLEX-96 DNA Barcode Blockers are available in sets of 96 blocking oligos, and are designed to prevent concatemerization of non-complimentary library fragments during solution-based hybridization assays.


The NEXTFLEX-96 Barcode Blockers are the Most Affordable Blocking Solution for SeqCap® Target Capture

The NEXTFLEX-96 Barcode Blockers allow for multiplexing up to 96 samples in 192 target capture reactions, for a total of 18,432 individual libraries per kit (96 libraries x 192 target capture reactions = 18,432 samples processed).


Kit Contents:

  • NEXTFLEX® HE Universal Oligo 1
  • NEXTFLEX® INV-HE Index Oligos


Kit Specifications:

The NEXTFLEX-96 DNA Barcode Blockers contain 96 oligo blockers designed to be used in conjunction with NEXTFLEX-96 DNA Barcodes. These kits ship on dry ice.



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