CORALL mRNA-Seq Library Prep Kit with UDI 12 nt Sets A1-A4 (UDI12A_0001-0384), 384 preps




CORALL mRNA is Lexogen’s stranded mRNA-Seq library prep kit with excellent whole transcriptome coverage. CORALL mRNA enables poly(a) selection and streamlined generation of Illumina-compatible libraries in under 6 hours, featuring seamless integration of Unique Molecular Identifiers (UMIs) and exceptional protocol-inherent strand specificity (>99 %). The fragmentation-free protocol uses Lexogen’s proprietary Strand Displacement Stop and Ligation technologies to deliver complete transcript representation, including start and end sites. CORALL mRNA Kits are delivered with Lexogen UDI 12 nt Unique Dual Indexing Sets for Unique Dual Indexing.

Features and Application:

CORALL is suitable for all whole transcriptome RNA-seq applications, including:

  • Gene expression profiling
  • Isoform discovery and quantification
  • Alternative splicing studies
  • Transcript (re)annotation
  • SLAMseq metabolic RNA sequencing

System Compatibility:

  • HiSeq 2000/2500/3000/4000
  • NextSeq 500/550/2000
  • MiSeq
  • iSeq
  • NovaSeq 6000

Kit Contents:

  • Poly(A) RNA Selection Kit
  • CORALL Library Generation Module
  • Library Amplification Module
  • Lexogen UDI 12 nt Unique Dual Indexing Set (indices UDI12A_0001-0096, UDI12A_0097-0192, UDI12A_0193-0288, UDI12A_0283-0384, UDI12A_0001-0384, or UDI12B_0001-0096, for Cat. No. 158, 159, 160, 161, 163 or 162, respectively.)
  • Purification Module with Magnetic Beads
  • Information Card

Data Analysis:

A Data Analysis Pipeline is now available on the BlueBee® Genomics Platform. The provided pipeline enables kit users to perform read quality control, mapping, Unique Molecular Identifier (UMI) deduplication, and transcript quantification.

Each Activation Code enables 24 data analysis runs (i.e., 24 fastq.gz files may be analyzed). Reference genomes for various species are available



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