HIVE CLX scRNAseq Complete Kit

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HIVE  scRNAseq Complete Kit is the combined HIVE  Sample Capture and HIVE  Processing Kits for the capture, processing, and library prep of single-cell samples using the HIVE  device and corresponding reagents for 8 samples.


Single Cell Processing

There are multiple steps to single cell RNA sequencing (scRNAseq), the collection of single cells, processing those cells into NGS libraries, sequencing, and analysis. The second step, the processing those cells into high-quality NGS libraries can be challenging. The HIVE  single cell processing solutions have optimized these steps to simplify the process.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

HIVE CLX single-cell RNAseq solution

Access new frontiers in single-cell biology

Developed by Honeycomb Biotechnologies, the HIVE CLX™ Single-Cell RNAseq Solution integrates sample storage and single cell profiling into a complete workflow, solving the issues that limit single cell RNA biology with the combination of unique benefits:

  • Rare & fragile cell recovery
  • Stable sample storage & shipping
  • Instrument-free workflow

Making the HIVE CLX single-cell RNA-seq solution ideal for previously challenging applications:

  • Innate immunology
    • High quality granulocyte data (neutrophils, eosinophils, basophils)
    • Multiple disease research areas: Oncology, neurology, developmental biology, respiratory & cardiac disease, transplantation
  • Infectious disease research
    • Collect samples in low resource setting, ship to high resource setting
    • Diseases: HBV/HCV (hepatitis), HIV, malaria, tuberculosis, SARS-CoV-2
  • Clinical research
    • Overcome sample collection logistics for minimally invasive human biopsies
    • Including: blood, bone marrow, cancer biopsies, nasal & dental swabs, BALs, FNAs, urine, CSF, and breast milk

The HIVE CLX single-cell RNAseq solution

hive-workflow.jpgEnabling multi-site & multi-timepoint sample collection
The HIVE CLX single-cell RNAseq solution is a combined sample storage and single-cell profiling system. The HIVE CLX collector delivers versatility by enabling sample collection at different sites or at different timepoints and sample processing at the same location where they are collected or at a centralized processing laboratory.

Easy to use

The HIVE CLX single-cell RNAseq solution incorporates reagents and a single-use, handheld, shippable HIVE CLX collector that can be used in almost any lab environment. No specialized equipment is required to process the samples from single cells through library preparation and the workflow can be run in most labs.

The HIVE CLX single-cell RNAseq solution is compatible with both the Element biosciences and Illumina sequencing platforms.

Maintaining sample integrity

Cell quality is not compromised when using the HIVE collector during storage, shipping or processing. As can be seen in figure 1, single cell libraries prepared from fresh cells and cells stored at -20°C for 14 days prior to processing have similar profiles, showing no loss of cell population diversity, number of transcripts or genes detected.

Figure 1. Comparison between samples processed while fresh or stored at -20°C for 14 days prior to processing.


Increasing the recovery rates of fragile cells

Cells isolated using the HIVE collector settle gently into microwells within a matter of minutes. This change enables the analysis of cells that are typically difficult to analyze either because of their fragile membrane structures or because they have been stimulated or transfected which can induce fragility. Figure 2 shows the HIVE scRNAseq workflow is able to recover granulocytes which are difficult to detect with other platforms because of their fragility.

Figure 2. Illustrates 24,720 cells were captured in six HIVE collectors. The cell types processed include granulocytes such as neutrophils, eosinophils, and basophils.


Facilitating loading of larger sample volumes

Other systems for single cell analysis only allow small sample loading volumes, typically around 50 μL. To ensure you are not missing critical information available in the primary sample, the HIVE CLX single-cell RNAseq solution allows you to load much larger volumes of up to 4 mL.

Delivering flexible & scalable workflows

The HIVE CLX single-cell RNAseq workflow reduces experimental and inter-site variability seen in other single cell RNA-seq analysis platforms. The workflow also delivers flexibility of processing location and throughput. The samples can be easily processed where they are collected or stored and shipped to a central facility for processing. By allowing safe sample storage, samples can be batched to improve lab efficiency.

 HIVE CLX Sample Loading Protocol_Revvity_Digital.pdf

HIVE CLX Transcriptome Recovery & Library Preparation User Protocol

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HIVE scRNAseq Mouse Liver Hepatocytes App Note

HIVE scRNAseq solution recovers complete biology in comparison to droplet method.

Recover complete biology in contrast to cryopreservation.

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HIVE scRNAseq Mouse Liver Hepatocytes App Note

HIVE scRNAseq solution recovers complete biology in comparison to droplet method.

Recover complete biology in contrast to cryopreservation.

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