GeneFix™ DNA Saliva Collector (12)

IsohelixSKU: CEL2-MFX-01/12



MFX Is An Easy To Use Saliva Collection Device That Stabilizes Microbiome DNA For Over 12 Months

Collection & Stabilization Devices for Saliva Microbiome DNA

GeneFiX™ Saliva Microbiome DNA Collector for 12 x 1ml Samples

  •     Ambient Storage - No Expensive Storage or Transport
  •     Instant Stabilization - Provides a Snapshot of the Saliva Microbiome
  •     No Trace DNA Contamination - Reliable Results
  •     Compatible to Most Downstream Chemistries
  •     Non Toxic - Non-Hazardous - Easy to Use
  •     Unique Funnel Design Prevents Spillages or Buffer Flow Back
  •     Suitable for Field, Home Use & Clinic-Based Sampling
  •     Collection Tube Specified to 95kPa for Leak Proof Mailing
  •     No Freezing Required
  •     Microbial DNA is Perfectly Preserved at Room Temperature



Application Notes

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