CleanPlex Single-Indexed PCR Primers for Ion Torrent™ Set T

Paragon GenomicsSKU: PAR-716016



The CleanPlex® Single-Indexed PCR Primers v2 for Ion Torrent™ are high-quality ready-to-use PCR primers for Ion Torrent library construction. They are compatible and designed for use with all CleanPlex NGS Panels to construct targeted libraries for sequencing on Ion Torrent NGS platform. The index sets comprise of primer pools for indexing samples for multiplexing samples per sequencing run. Samples with different indexes can be pooled, sequenced together, then demultiplexed for analysis. 


Primer Sequences

Each sample is indexed by two pairs of Indexed PCR Primers for sequencing on Ion Torrent platforms. XXXXXXXXX denotes the index region of the primer.

Indexed PCR Primers



Universal PCR Primers




  • Please refer to CleanPlex NGS Panel User Guide for instructions on using CleanPlex Single-Indexed PCR Primers for Ion Torrent
  • Sets C – F are offered at 96 well plated format. 
  • Sets C contains indexes from Sets A and B, but are mutually exclusive from sets D, E, and F. Together Paragon offers 384 indexing options for Ion Torrent. 


Storage Temperature:

Store at -20°C

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Index Sequences:


User Guide


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