Buccalyse DNA Release Kit - A quick and simple one tube method for releasing DNA\nfrom buccal swabs. For 50 reactions.

IsohelixSKU: CEL2-BEK-50



BEK Offers Significant Advantages of Ease of Handling, Speed & Ease of Sample Preparation

Buccalyse DNA Release Kit - A Quick & Simple One Tube Method for Releasing DNA from Buccal Swabs for 50 Reactions

Degrees Above the rest
Heat at 70℃ for 15 Minutes & 95℃ for 2 Minutes for PCR Ready DNA

  •     Quick & Easy 1 Tube / 1 Step Kit
  •     PCR-Ready in Under 20 Minutes
  •     Ideal for qPCR DNA Samples
  •     Out Performs Alternative Single Tube Kits
  •     For High Throughput & Robotics
  •     For Simple & Multiplex PCR




Application Notes

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