96 x 0.2 ml Shell Frame Grid. Blue, Bag of 24 Grids

BIOplasticsSKU: BIO-AB17503G

Color: Blue, Bag of 24


96 x 0.2ml Shell Frame Grid
Shell Frame Grid,SEMI Sk,96 x 0.2 ml RP for ABI /Life Technologies ® Cyclers and UNIVERSAL
Blue, Bag of 24 Grids

Enables to make your own plates with Shell Frame Grid Compatible products as single tubes, tubes-strips, Tear Strip Mats and cut-able plates. When loaded with RP products the total assembly fits any regular profile (q)PCR system including ABI cyclers and many other systems. Closure of the positioned tubes is preferably achieved using Optical Tear-off 8-Cap Strip Mat(B57651), EU Optical Wide area 8-Cap Strip (B57801) or Opti-Seal (157300). Disposable PP version

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