BIOplastics 1.2 ml Plain Titer (storage)Tube Strip

BIOplasticsSKU: BIO-B74156

Title: natural


0.5 ml Dilution & Storage 8-tube strip
8-Tube strips
Natural, Bag of 300 strips

Dilution storage tubes and systems are designed for multi purpose usage. The tubes are extra robust, can hold 0.5 ml, have an extraordinary working range of -200 °C to 110 °C and can be centrifuged up to 20.000 g. All tubes can be stored in the BIOplastics regular Work Rack S-96 System. All tubes can be closed using the extra robust EU Indented Flat 8 cap-strip (B75701), Indented Flat 12 cap-strip, the EU Indented Flat cap-plate 96 Format (B57501) and one of our seals.


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