Sage HLS Extraction and Library Prep System

Sage ScienceSKU: SAG-HLS0001



Extract.  React. Select.

Extract up to 2MB DNA directly from cells

The SageHLS system provides a new approach to DNA extraction. Users load cells suspensions on Sage Science gel cassettes to perform lysis under electrophoretic conditions. This removes degraded and solubilized proteins but leaves intact DNA behind, bound in agarose. A cleavase is then used to carefully fragment the DNA into electrophoretically-mobile sizes. Automated DNA size selection collects the DNA in 6 size bins. 

Targeted Purification with CRISPR/Cas9:  CATCH*

CRISPR/Cas9 can be used to design targeted purification of large genomic regions or genes.  This in vitro application with Cas9, termed CATCH, can enhance study of structural variation and provide valuable phasing information.

*Cas9-Assisted Targeting of CHromosome Segments

Jiang et. al., 2015, Nature Communications, doi:10.1038/ncomm9101

Key Downstream Technologies

  • optical mapping
  • long read sequencing
  • bar-coded linked reads

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